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Swine Flu

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Just How Bad Could the Swine Flu Get? - Thomas P.M. Barnett, Esquire

The more and more I talk to people around Washington these days — fellow security guys, policy consultants, health-care experts, parents — the more I realize that the next wave of the...

Secretary Sebelius on the Swine Flu - The Situation Room

MALVEAUX: Well, now on to new swine flu warnings. It is hard not to get scared when you hear a scenario like this one. You imagine 90,000 people dead from the virus this fall. Health...

Interview with Education Secretary Arne Duncan - The Situation Room

WOLF BLITZER: A disturbing warning today from a top official of the World Health Organization. He predicts there soon will be -- and I'm quoting now -- "a global explosion of swine flu." He...

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