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United States Supreme Court

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Representatives Roskam & Grijalva Debate Health Care - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3JEFFREY BROWN: And we come back to the health care reform issue with a focus on the political implications.Judy Woodruff is in charge.JUDY WOODRUFF: For...

Waiting for Another Watergate - Richard Reeves

WASHINGTON -- What is the most powerful political operation in the country in this 21st century? It's the United States Supreme Court. The men and women in black are on their way to...

Interview with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer - Larry King Live

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): Tonight, Supreme Court justice, Stephen Breyer, who takes us behind the high court's close doors for a rare look on the inside. We'll...

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