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Va Gov

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No Soul Searching for Virginia Republicans - James Hohmann, Politico

HOT SPRINGS, Va. — Virginia Republicans suffered a drubbing last month, losing all three statewide races (though a recount is impending in one). A year earlier, it was pretty much the...

Va.'s Rebuke Against Cuccinelli's Right-Wing Views - James Carville, Hill

In my column two weeks ago, I bet that Terry McAuliffe would have a decisive win in Virginia but that it wouldn’t be enough for the Washington media elite.Look, I’m not one of...

How Much Did Demographics Matter in Va. Gov Race? - Sean Trende, RCP

The morning after last week's election, I wrote, regarding Virginia's surge in non-white voters:"There was a bounce-back from 2009 lows, as expected, but the demographic shifts were...

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