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What people are saying about RCP
David Brooks
RealClearPolitics is the first website I check every morning. It's an invaluable tool for anybody interested in politics or public affairs.
David Brooks
The New York Times
At RealClearPolitics we're dedicated to providing our readers with better,
more insightful analysis of the most important news stories and policy issues of the day.
RCP's daily editorial curation and original reporting presents balanced non-partisan analysis that empowers our readers to question conventional thinking and ultimately make smart informed decisions of their own.
It is our goal to seamlessly connect our readers to the stories that matter—completely covering the stories that others miss—and to always keep them one step ahead of the curve.
What people are saying about RCP
Stuart Rothenberg
RealClearPolitics is a great site; I remember when it first started, and it's become a big deal. The site has been very impressive and does a good job providing the best political analysis and commentary out there.
Stuart Rothenberg
Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call
If you're seeking a media partner for the current campaign
cycle look no further, here's why:
Insiders look to RCP to convene and produce the best content of the day
We call all of the local and national publications our friends. We curate the smartest content from them, and couple it with our original material to present a well-rounded view of all sides of the pressing political and civic issues of the day.
We're agile and have the ideas to produce great things
This year marks our 16th year in business. We're established enough to be wise but young enough to think anything is possible. We have a knack for listening to what our clients need, creating fresh, customized campaigns, and bringing well-known thought leaders to the table.
We create points of access to key audiences and influencers
When we do something, we do it right. We ensure that anything that we produce is smart and timely enough to not only lead an audience in a thoughtful conversation but to also create a dialogue online for those billion+ eyeballs to see.
What people are saying about RCP
Donald A. Baer
I rely on RealClearPolitics - much as I have for nearly three decades on Carl Cannon's journalism - as an essential guide through the maze of Washington, national politics and world affairs, without it, I would be lost.
Donald A. Baer
Worldwide Chair and Chief Executive Officer,
RealClearPolitics is trusted by Washington's influencers and policy makers, national opinion leaders, and voters across the country.
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We influence the influencers, providing the insight decision makers and business leaders need to run their business.
80% of Capitol Hill reads RCP.
68% of Government visitors are involved in influencing, advocating, or writing policy legislation.
72% of visitors use social media.
98% of visitors are registered to vote.
94% of visitors voted in the most recent presidential election.
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  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. The Washington Post
  4. TriangleRealClearPolitics
  5. Politico
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  1. The Washington Post
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  4. Wall Street Journal
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  1. The New York Times
  2. The Washington Post
  3. Wall Street Journal
  4. TriangleRealClearPolitics
  5. Roll Call
  6. The Hill
  7. National Journal
  8. Politico
  9. Salon
  10. Slate
  1. The New York Times
  2. Roll Call
  3. Wall Street Journal
  4. The Washington Post
  5. National Journal
  6. TriangleRealClearPolitics
  7. The Hill
  8. Politico
  9. Salon
  10. Slate
Source: Erdos & Morgan's The 2014 Opinion Leaders Digital Media Study
RealClearPolitics events bring critical issues to life, providing insightful perspectives through engaging conversations.
From content-focused panel discussions and one-on-one interviews with newsmakers to exclusive evening receptions and private dinners, RCP events offer the opportunity to connect personally with key thought leaders and decision makers in D.C. and beyond.
Why RCP Events?
At RealClearPolitics, our comprehensive programs extend the value and reach of each event.
We explore all aspects of the issue, with editorial features, video, social media engagement, extensive promotion, and a content hub that will live on the events page long after the event has taken place.
2015 Event Topics
The Cost of Cybercrime
RealClearPolitics will examine how the latest cyber attacks impact the US economy, and what policies will help prevent the cost of cybercrime and mitigate damage.
Medicaid and the States
With the state-by-state roll-out of Medicaid, RealClearPolitics will take a look at the program's success and failures as well as the industries and policies affected by expansion.
In 2015, Congress and the President will focus on sequestration, placing an emphasis on many of the budget cuts that occurred over the past few years. With a hope of an increase in defense spending, RealClearPolitics will take a look at what we've learned from sequestration, what areas we need reinvestment in, and what policy solutions are expected this year with a Republican majority.
RCP will examine the energy policy issues of 2015, what we can expect from the 114th Congress, and how energy issues will shape the upcoming presidential election.
Infrastructure & Transportation
A look at the Highway and Transportation Funding Act and the impact it will have on major infrastructure changes and transportation innovations.
Net Neutrality
RCP will examine the current policy debate over net neutrality, taking a special look at proposals offered by the FCC and Congress and the implications of these proposals for providers and consumers in the coming years.
Tax Reform
Will this finally be the year of meaningful tax reform? In 2015, who will the major players be and what are the potential revisions that we could see? As the Presidential race begins to heat up, how will the tax reform issue play out on the campaign trail, and will it affect the way people choose to vote?
Politics of the Plate
RCP will exampine the politics of food. We'll discuss the 2015 dietary guidelines, the process that was used to create them, and what the changes mean for food policy in the US.
A Look Ahead to 2016
As the 2016 Presidential Race begins to heat up, RCP will examine the current list of candidates that are throwing their hat in the ring, the strengths and weaknessess of each candidate, and what the likely outcomes will be next year.
During the last election year RealClearPolitics received more than 901 million pageviews, a number we're on track to surpass in 2016, delivering politically savvy visitors who will consume our partners' messaging.
Sponsors can receive prominent exposure at two marquee events that RCP will produce at both conventions. In addition to event sponsor, the following digital opportunities are available:
  • Convention news alert.
  • Prominent ad placement on polling pages.
  • Election 2016 page featuring updates from the trail.
  • Digital ROS geo-targeting opportunity.
  • Podcast.
  • Changing Lanes sponsorship with Newsmaker.
The Smartest Partner for 2016
This election season RealClearPolitics will build on its strong legacy of insightful analysis and predictive polling by offering its partners a series of opportunities that tap into the pulse of the nation. These opportunities will spark timely conversations around the 2016 presidential election and will amplify your brand messaging during this historic election season.
Why Partner with RCP for election and convention exposure?
Since RCP's launch in 2000 we have introduced fresh new ideas and smart takes on the political landscape that have endeared millions of readers to our content. For the 2015 election season and the 2016 conventions RCP will bring this fresh thinking to life through a series of election events and marquee events at both the Democratic and Republican conventions.
Road to 2016 Opportunities
Sponsors can participate in Election Preview Events #mdash; campaign trail events that will take place in conjunction with the Presidential debates in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida.

In addition sponsors may receive the following digital exposure:
  • Campaign Poll alert
  • Prominent ad placement on election 2016 page featuring updates from the trail
  • Election 2016 app/mobile sponsorship
  • Digital ROS geo-targeting opportunity
  • Podcast
  • Video live stream
  • Social media
  • Changing Lanes sponsorship
Interested in partnering with us along the road to 2016?
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