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RealClearPolitics (RCP) is the trusted source that sets the Washington agenda each
morning by selecting the must-read stories from every angle of the day's critical issues.

With a barrage of news and analysis available online, DC decision makers and
insiders rely on RealClearPolitics to search through it all to provide a clear view of
the most critical issues, all in one place.

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    I really love RealClearPolitics because they post opinion pieces
    from all sides and it does help you get a broad world view.
    - Megyn Kelly, Fox News
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    An essential stop for anyone interested in politics. They do a
    better job than anyone in the business at flagging the must-read
    political stories and analysis on the web each day.
    - Jim VandeHei, President and CEO, Politico
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    RCP is a huge force. Their polling average is the Dow Jones of
    campaign coverage.
    - Ben Smith, Buzzfeed
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    RealClearPolitics is the first web site I check every morning.
    It's an invaluable tool for anybody interested in politics
    or public affairs.
    - David Brooks, The New York Times
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