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Barack Obama

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Obama's Top Secret Plan to Make You Laugh

George Condon, Natl Jrnl | April 24, 2015

Nobody—outside a small group inside the White House—knows for sure what President Obama will say when he speaks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday....

Trade Rift Pits Obama vs. Progressives, Puts Hillary on Fence

Alexis Simendinger | April 22, 2015

Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren say they’re in the “hell, no!” camp of Democrats eager to defy President Obama over his support for a trade deal with Pacific Rim...

President Obama Is Waging JV War

Michael Fumento, New York Post | April 22, 2015

As Iraqis fight to repel ISIS forces in Ramadi, the Obama administration is deeming this vital city expendable.In so doing, the White House shows it understands nothing about the...

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