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Health Care

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The Silly Debate Over Repeal vs. Replace

Brit Hume, FOX News | April 15, 2014

In a town never short of silly arguments, one of the silliest is the debate over whether Republicans will ever be able, or even willing, to repeal Obamacare. The truth is that...

With or Without Sebelius, Obamacare Has Always Been the Problem

Cal Thomas | April 15, 2014 offers two definitions for scapegoat: “1. A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place; 2. Chiefly biblical. A goat let...

Census Survey Revisions Mask Health Law Effects

Robert Pear, NY Times | April 15, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Census Bureau, the authoritative source of health insurance data for more than three decades, is changing its annual survey so thoroughly that it will be...

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