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Wall Street

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Our Decadent D.C. & Wall Street Elites

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal | February 19, 2014

Watching Season 2 of “House of Cards.” Not to be a scold or humorless, but do Washington politicians understand how they make themselves look when they embrace the...

The Tame Truth About the Wolves of Wall St.

William Cohan, NY Times | February 16, 2014

MAYBE it’s those five Oscar nominations for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” including for best picture, best director and best actor, but we seem to be in another of...

The Vampire Squid Strikes Again

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone | February 13, 2014

Call it the loophole that destroyed the world. It's 1999, the tail end of the Clinton years. While the rest of America obsesses over Monica Lewinsky, Columbine and Mark McGwire's...

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