RealClearPolitics - 2020 Election Maps - Race Changes


45 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 46
40 Safe or Not Up2395338 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New StatusDems Toss Ups GOP
10/23ArizonaAZLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
10/22KansasKSLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*846
10/20MinnesotaMNLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*846
10/10AlaskaAKLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP47*746
10/7ArizonaAZToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
10/5MississippiMSLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP47*746
9/27South CarolinaSCLeans GOP»»»Toss Up46*846
9/17ArizonaAZLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*747
9/14South CarolinaSCToss Up»»»Leans GOP47*647
9/13MinnesotaMNToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
9/6ColoradoCOToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*846
9/2ArizonaAZToss Up»»»Leans Dem45*946
8/20MinnesotaMNLeans Dem»»»Toss Up44*1046
8/20OregonORLikely Dem»»»Safe Dem44*1046
8/6ColoradoCOLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
8/6South CarolinaSCLeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*946
8/5KansasKSLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP46*747
8/3South CarolinaSCLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*747
7/15MichiganMILeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*747
7/15Georgia 1GA1Leans GOP»»»Toss Up46*747
7/9AlaskaAKSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP47*548
7/2ArizonaAZLeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*548
6/25Georgia 1GA1Likely GOP»»»Leans GOP48*448
6/22MichiganMIToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*448
6/19ColoradoCOToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*548
6/11IowaIALeans GOP»»»Toss Up46*648
6/3ArizonaAZToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*549
5/20South CarolinaSCSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP45*649

* Senators Angus King (I-ME) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) caucus with Democrats.
Current Senate: 47* Democrats | 53 Republicans